"Merry Christmas--SECOND NOTICE!!" (1964)

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Sun Jan 13 00:22:28 UTC 2002

   Also, "Happy Holidays--SECOND NOTICE!!"  Or, "Happy New Year--SECOND NOTICE!!"
   There are a number of hits, most recently Andy Rooney in TOWN & COUNTRY (December 2001, Proquest database).
   From THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY HASHIMOTO (E. P. Dutton, Inc., NY, 1964) by Jack Douglas, pg. 105:

   As I write this, it's the Christmas season here in New York.  The time of Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men.  I know this because we have just received another card from the superintendent of the apartment building we live in.  It reads: "Merry Christmas--_second notice!_"

(Jack Douglas also wrote a 1962 autobiography starting with "A Funny Thing Happened...," but I don't know if he's responsible for that one--ed.)

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