"popcorn windows"

Paul McFedries lists at MCFEDRIES.COM
Wed Jan 16 15:14:23 UTC 2002

I can't find any other references to this so I'm thinking Robinson either
made it up or he used it erroneously instead of pop-up or pop-under.

On a related note, John Walston's "Buzzword of the Day" today is "pop-off,"
a browser window that pops up (or, I guess, under) in such a way that the
"Close" button in the top right corner of the window is off the screen.
Apparently the modern Web advertiser believes that user apoplexy is the way
to win new customers. And, yes, we now have yet another item to add to the
ever-growing "X rage" list:

"As the intrusive box springs up across the Web at the behest of marketers,
'pop-up rage' is breaking out in its wake." -- The Sydney Morning Herald,
July 3, 2001

The same article also mentions the "piss-off factor":

LexisNexis reports 8 unique citations for this fun phrase, the earliest of
which is 1990. I'm going to add it to the Word Spy database.


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