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Huh?  It's not general in any part of the West that I've spent any time in.

Really?  I think the vast majority of people in Oregon have caught/cot merger.  I have it and a quick poll of one of my classes-24 students- came out 22-2 in favor of merger.  One of the non-mergerers is from New jersey, the other is from LA.  Also, in the worksheets that I did for LAPNW about 2 years ago, the majority had merger. So, I think the merger is pretty much the norm in Oregon.
Fritz Juengling

Peter Mc.

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> And, since the 'cot/caught' merger is general throughout the North Midland
> and all through the West, it too has become part of the "best"/"standard"
> variety, except, I suppose, for the Eastern/New England diehards in these
> fields.

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