BBQ (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens); Jeep, Shutterbug (1939)

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Fri Jan 25 07:58:22 UTC 2002

BBQ (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens)

   From NEW YORK magazine, 28 August 1978, pg. 107, col. 1:

   The place has become vastly popular from the sad day of its grand opening, for it is the perfect attraction for tourists and for what certain Manhattan restaurant staffs refer to as BBQ people (Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens).

(I haven't heard this used by Manhattan restaurant staffs--ed.)


   I've been going through BOYS' LIFE looking for "trick or treat" and soda jerk slang ("86").  I'll have more on Saturday.  A check for BOYS' LIFE in OED shows zero hits.  No one has read it?
   "SHUTTERBUG!" is a title for a story in September 1939, pg. 10.  OED's first citation is AMERICAN SPEECH (1940).
   See "THE JEEP SPECIAL" in May 1939.  It's about a model airplane(?).
   From July 1939, pg. 30:  "The Chinese wall is the only structure made by human hands that would be visible by the astronomers of the moon."  (I thought this--is it true?--began with space flight in the 1960s.--ed.)

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