Vodka, Fez, Angora, Bulgur, Dolma (1803? 1812?)

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IN THE YEARS 1793 AND 1794.
translated from the German of P. S. Pallas
second edition, in two volumes
London: John Stockdale
Arno Press and The New York Times, NY

   OED cites this book for "fez" and "vodka."  "1812" is given, along with "1802-1803."
   However, how could OED miss everything else?  "Dolma," which it has for 1889?  And "bulgur"!  OED has 1934!!!!  Merriam-Webster has 1926!!!!

Pg. 496:  ...the Russians import dried fruits, marmelade made of boiled grapes, called Bekmess, and that of other fruit, called (Pg. 497--ed.) Nardenk; Anadolian nuts, which are sent to the interior of the country; gall nuts, called Balamut....
Pg. 412:  The excellent honey which they produce, is partly made into mead after having been diluted with boiling water, partly used with a fermented liquor made of millet, and called _Busa_, and partly consumed at the table.
Pg. 410:  Their principal species of grain is millet, of which they make cakes, hasty puddings, and prepare various kinds of pastry, as well as their common beverage, by the natives called _Hantkups_, and by the Kozaks of Terek, _Yantzokh_.

Pg. 347: ..._Fez_....
Pg. 359 (CRIMEA):  Among the most esteemed delicacies are, forced-meat-balls wrapped in green vine or sorrel-leaves, and called Sarma; various fruits, as cucumbers, quinces, or apples, filled with minced meat, _Dolma_; stuffed cucumbers; dishes of melons, _Badilshan_, and _Hibiscus efculentus_, or _Bamia_, prepared in various ways with spices or saffron; all of which are served up with rice; also _Pelaw_, or rice, boiled in meat-broth, till it becomes dry; fat mutton and lamb, both boiled and roasted, &c.
Pg. 360:  ...a kind of pelaw, made either of dried or bruised unripe wheat, and which they call _Bulgur_; and, lastly, their bread is generally composed of mixed grain.  Their ordinary beverage is made by triturating and dissolving cheese in water; the former of which is called _Yasma_, being prepared from coagulated milk, or _Yugurt_; but the fashionale intoxicating drink is an ill-tasted and very strong beer, or _Busa_, brewed of ground millet.  Many persons also drink a spiritous liquor, _Arraki_....
Pg. 429:  Formerly, the Tartars prepared large quantities of _Bekmess_, or marmalade, and _Misseless_, or syrup, from their grapes.
Pg. 484: ..._Sekiskaya-Vodka_, or brandy distilled from fruit, and the lees of grapes....
Pg. 486:  ...such commerce might be still farther extended by importing Brusian silk, Angora-goats' hair, and many simple drugs, which can be procured at a lower rate directly from the Levant, as well as fafflower ("S" or "F"?--ed.), madder, and saffron.
(OED has 1819 and 1867 entries for "angora"--ed.)

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