"wicket ball" query

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Mon Jan 28 01:58:52 UTC 2002

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>While SABR members are all occupied with coming up with names for
>bat-and-ball games of their youth (in the regular on-line forum) I have a
>more specilized query for students of  19th century bat-and ball game.
>Again in connection with an exhibit I and a fellow SABR member are
>organizing on the early decades of baseball in our town, we are coming
>across references to "wicket ball."  These references range from the late
>1700s at least to the 1850s.  They sometimes appear in contexts that seem to
>confirm that it is a separate game from baseball and cricket. On the other
>hand, the games allowed for large cricket-like scores (over 100).  Does
>anyone know about "wicket ball" and its rules?

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