Milk & Crackers (M&C)

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   From the UNION-NEWS, 11 April 1997, Pg. C3, col. 3 box:

_Hampshire:_  "Continuous" dining makes it possible to get a meal any time of the day or night.
_Mount Holyoke:_  M&C ("milk and cookies").  Students take a study break at 9:30 p.m., converging on the dining rooms in their respective dorms to nibble on specially-made desserts.

  From a note card:

"Milk and Crackers"
letter of Lucy S. Barlow x-class of 1847
December 10, 1844 (p. 2)
   "There is a recess of 15 minutes in the forenoon and evening at which times if we like we can go down to the middle room...and take luncheon which consists of cake and crackers."

   Useful for "Temperance Cake" and "Indian Pudding" is this, by Douglass, Mrs. Helen Maria (Graves), Extracts from personal journal, 1848-1849, pg. 8:

"We have the old fashioned sponge cake once a week.  Every Saturday night and Sabbath morning we have fried cakes.  These kinds of cake are made every week and we have them on the table alternately.  The temperance cake is the best.  In my recipe book I have a particular recipe for Indian Pudding and apple and pumpkin pie crust."

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