Sociology of Milk and Crackers (1981)

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Jeanne Grout
April 22, 1981
Sociology 103
Mr. Smith
(11 pages--ed.)

Pg. 1: In Mary Lyon's day, preparing simple, nutritious food in the kitchen was part of domestic training at Mount Holyoke Seminary.(1)
   1. Lansing, Marion. _Mary Lyon: Through Her Letters_. Books, Inc. (Boston: 1937), p. 231.

Pg. 1:  In 1912, the home-made "College Cracker" was available at every hour of the day or night....(2)
   2. Warner, Frances Lester. _On a New England Campus_. Houghton Mifflin Co. (Boston: 1937), p. 176.

Pg. 1:  From 1962 to the present, Milk and Crackers (later (Pg. 2--ed.) shortened to M&C's) is mentioned in the freshman handbook along with the "freshman ten" as one MHC ritual.(8)
   8. MHC Freshman Handbook, 1962-63 through 1969-70.

(The rest of the paper is a survey of current--1981--M&Cs...I posted "freshman ten" here before.  That goes back to MHC of 1962??--ed.)

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