CATCH AND RELEASE (1997) Alaskan glossary

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by Jane Haigh, Kelley Hegarty-Lammers, and Patricia Walsh
138 pages, paperback, $12.95
Fairbanks: Hillside Press

   A book by Alaskan women about Alaskan men is not ordinarily my cup of tea (the ratio is the worst in the country for heterosexual men).  However, this book has been called "the funniest book about Alaska in years" and it has a nice glossary that you'd probably miss.

Pg. 126:
   glossary: need-to-know Alaska terms

A-List; AFN--Alaska Federation of Natives; Alaska Time--Late; ANCSA; ANWR; ARCO; ATCO UNITS--Portable housing; Bailing wire; Beards; Belly dump--A type of dump truck pulled by a semi-truck...: BP

Pg. 127:  Break-up--When the ice on the rivers cracks...; Break-up boots; Boomer; Brooks Range; Bunny boots; Bush; Bush rat; Bush teacher; Cabin fever; Carabiner; Cat--A bulldozer; Chains; CHeechako; Chinook; Chum--A Dog Salmon; Coho-A SIlver Salmon

Pg. 128:  Cleanup; Commitment--Not present in the Alaska Man's vocabulary; Components; COnservationist; Cord; Crude; D-10; D-8

Pg. 129:  DADS; Denali; Dividend Check; Dog Lot; DOuble Wall; Duck widow--An Alaska woman left at home while her guy is out duck hunting; Duct tape; Equinox; Exxon Valdez; Fish wheel; Fixer-upper; Five-eights--A forty-hour work week, five eight-hour days; Four-by-four; Four wheeler

Pg. 130:  Freeze-up; Frost heave; Fur Rendezvous; Gates, The; Gee; Gill-net; Gold pan; Gold pan painting; Grateful Dead; Grizzly; Handyman Special; Harness; Haul Road, The; Haw; Hazelwood, Joe; Headbolt heater; Homesteading

Pg. 131:  Honey bucket; Hot springs; Humpie--A Pink Salmon; Hundred-mile-an-hour-tape--Duct tape.  It keeps his airplane together while going 100mph; Ice fog; Iditarod; Jay--Jay Hammond, ex-governor; Jerry-rig; Job; Jumping a trap line; Jumping a claim; King--King Salmon, see Chinook; Klondike; Libby; Libertarian; Loader; Longevity bonus; Lottery land

Pg. 132:  Lower 48; Mary; Midnight sun; Minute--Alaskan definition of eternity; Moose nuggets; Mukluks; Mush; Nordstroms--Alaskan for shopping; North, Up

Pg. 133:  North Slope; Nuggets, moose; Nuggets, gold; Okies; Opening; Operator; ORV--Off road vehicle; Out house; Outside; Panning; Parka; Permafrost; Permanent Fund; Pink--A variety of salmon; Pioneer; Pioneer's Home; Pipeline, the; Pipeline widow

Pg. 134:  Pipeliner; Placer mining; Plug-in; Pom-pom--...used to clean up the Valdez oil spill...; Quonset hut; R and R; Real House--The kind with plumbing, bedroom doors, and a dishwasher; Red Dog; Refrigerwear--Insulated coveralls; Rocking out the car; Ruff; RV; SAD--Seasonal Affective Disorder; Sauna

Pg. 135:  Seasonal; Seasons--May, June, July, August and winter; Set-net; 798-ers; Seven-twelves--Working hours consisting of twelves hours a day, seven days a week; Sex; Shoe-pacs; SHort call; Sierra clubber; Skating; Slope, the; Snagging; Snow-go--A snow machine; Snowbird; Sockeye--A Red Salmon; Solstice

Pg. 136:  Sorels--A trade name for shoe pacs; Sourdough; Southeast Sneaker--Goodyear knee-high rubber boots; Spawn-till-you-die--Famous Alaska motto; Spenard Divorce--Finalized when one of the spouses gets shot; Steve; Subsistence; Sun-dog; SUperinsulated; Susan Butcher; Tailings; Termination dust; The Big One--Denali, Mt. McKinley; THree wheeler; Tony; Trapline chatter; Trolling; Up North; Vacation

Pg. 137:  VECO; Visqueen--Polyethylene plastic sheeting; Wally; Wally World--Virtual reality; Week-on-week-off; Wind chill; Winter; Yukon

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