CATCH AND RELEASE (1997) Alaskan glossary

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> Belly dump--A type of dump truck pulled by a semi-truck

Is the phrase "semi-truck" actually used in Alaska?

The prime mover of a semi-trailer rig is, in trucker's jargon, a "tractor",
hence the phrase "tractor-trailer".    A "semi-trailer" is (MWCD10) "a
freight trailer that when attached is supported at its forward end by the
fifth wheel device of the truck tractor".

>From context a "semi-truck" would be a truck equipped with a fifth wheel for
pulling a semi-trailer, but it's a new one on me.

Another error in "Belly dump--A type of dump truck pulled by a semi-truck" is
that a dump truck, whether rigid-chassis or tractor-trailer,  is a
self-propelled vehicle.  The writer obviously meant a semi-trailer with
retractable openings on its bottom for dumping aggregate or other bulk

Whoever the writer is, she is obviously neither a construction worker nor
married to one.

       - Jim Landau

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