Kim & Rima McKinzey rkmck at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Jul 4 07:29:00 UTC 2002

>I swear I've heard "Is he a landsman?" but whoever said it has been dead a
>long time--ancient in the 1950s.

Having grown up Jewish in NYC also in the 50s, I don't remember too
many terms from then, but I know I've heard landsman - and never MOT.

In the film "Frisco Kid" from 1979, Gene Wilder, playing the lost and
bedraggled Polish rabbi, sees a group of Amish - with the black hats,
beards, etc. and runs to them crying "Landsmen."  They help him and
then, when he sees their crosses, faints in their arms.


And there's also Dr. Jonothan Miller - when he was still with Beyond
the Fringe, who said he wasn't a Jew, he was JewISH, not going all
the way...

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