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Thu Jul 4 14:47:00 UTC 2002

Kim & Rima McKinzey wrote:
>>I swear I've heard "Is he a landsman?" but whoever said it has been dead a
>>long time--ancient in the 1950s.
>Having grown up Jewish in NYC also in the 50s, I don't remember too
>many terms from then, but I know I've heard landsman - and never MOT.
>In the film "Frisco Kid" from 1979, Gene Wilder, playing the lost and
>bedraggled Polish rabbi, sees a group of Amish - with the black hats,
>beards, etc. and runs to them crying "Landsmen."  They help him and
>then, when he sees their crosses, faints in their arms.
>And there's also Dr. Jonothan Miller - when he was still with Beyond
>the Fringe, who said he wasn't a Jew, he was JewISH, not going all
>the way... I'm remembering a similarly comedic scene in Blazing Saddles,
from 1974 (I don't normally remember movie dates, but I saw the movie,
twice, when I was at the LSA Summer Institute in Amherst, in 1974).


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