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The opposite of "goyishe kop" is "Yiddishe kop."

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> Is "guter kop" the opposite of "goyisher kop"?
> At 07:11 PM 7/3/2002 -0700, A. Maberry wrote:
> >I've heard "landsman" too, but probably not since the late 1960s or early
> >1970s. I remember "member of the tribe" (but not M.O.T.) from probably
> >about the same time. There's also "Yid" as in "he's a frummer Yid"
> >or "a guter Yid", and from farther back a "guter kop" (kop = head).
> >However I don't know if "guter kop" is used exclusively Yiddish
> >expressionor is also used in German.
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