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Tue Jul 9 11:37:53 UTC 2002

   Greetings again from Berlin.  Professor Ruth Wedgwood of Yale Law School just spoke at this conference.  (Gabriel Bach, who prosecuted Adolf Eichmann, was very moving.)  I asked Wedgwood if she knew Fred Shapiro (Mr. Rock and Roll), and she said "Yes, of course.  He's a good guy."
   My last post was made while someone was waiting for the computer.  I apologize for spelling errors and the shorthand for "prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich."  Wachtler said that his one regret was that he did say "corned beef."
   Cindy Adams arrived last night, and I've yet to speak to her about "Only in New York."  Check her columns at had the CowParade.  Berlin is in its BearParade phase now.

MANAGERSALAT--Seen at a mall here in Potzdammerploz.  Is the Chef Salad a Manager Salad in Germany?

AFRIKA QUEEN--Served at Mr. CLou, and it's Kiwi, Orange, Ananas, Banane.

PIG EARS--I was told that this is a pastry name, like our elephant ears.

PREGNANT OYSTER--Nickname for the architecture of the House of Cultures of the World Congress Center building.

WASHING MACHINE--Nickname for the architecture of the House of the Chancellor.

GOLDEN ELSIE--The Victory Column, a Berlin phallic symbol that's become a cruising area, according to an article in THE EX-BERLINER

MISC.:  USA TODAY was handed out at this Hyatt--in Berlin.  Samuel G. Freeman, a professor of Journalism at Columbia University laments the demise of ROLLING STONE, but shows that he's incredibly out of touch.  This got a laugh:
   Yet ROLLING STONE retains a paid circulation of 1.25 million, and the greatest publications in the United States--THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE NEW YORKER, THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY--recognize themselves as public trusts, not merely commercial enterprises.

(THE NEW YORK TIMES is a public trust? That's why it tells its readers, against all evidence, that "Big Apple" comes from Damon Runyon?  THE WASHINGTON POST is a public trust?  Is that why its ombudsman won't even respond to me about a factual error that fails to recognize my work?--ed.)

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