Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Thu Jul 11 18:03:22 UTC 2002

Nope. That makes three northwesterners who CLAIM they distinguish
hock-hawk (and the attendant moral superiority that apparently comes
with vowel distinguishing).

dInIs (suspicious)

>Hey, that makes three morally adequate Northwesterners (Allen Maberry, me,
>and now Anne)!  Maybe our region can still be saved!
>Peter Mc.
>DInIs wrote:
>>>Nope! No confusion here in phonology or lexicon. I have (at least)
>>>"hawk" (v.) 1. to peddle aggressively, 2. to attend to or watch
>>>carefully (as in "ball-hawk" in hoops), and 3. a sport using birds
>>>(called "falconry" by the elite).
>>>None of these are related to "hock," but it's easy to see how the
>>>morally inadequate vowel conflaters among use might see a
>>>relationship between the first verb "hawk" and "hock."
>And Anne G. replied:
>>INteresting.  I've *always* pronounced "hock" and "hawk"(the bird, at
>>least) differently.  Maybe other parts of the country are different from
>>the Pacific Northwest in this respect?
>>Anne G
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