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I can confirm Dennis' prediction. I am a degenerate conflater of low back vowels (though my soul may be salvaged by my maintenance of the pen/pin distinction). I don't think I've ever seen 'hawk' in the meaning of  "sell" written. If I had heard someone using it, I would have guessed the intended form was 'hock'.
Both of these words are pretty rare (not the bird sense, of course) and the semantic similarity is pretty strong.

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Nope! No confusion here in phonology or lexicon. I have (at least)
"hawk" (v.) 1. to peddle aggressively, 2. to attend to or watch
carefully (as in "ball-hawk" in hoops), and 3. a sport using birds
(called "falconry" by the elite).

None of these are related to "hock," but it's easy to see how the
morally inadequate vowel conflaters among use might see a
relationship between the first verb "hawk" and "hock."


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