Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Wed Jul 17 11:34:27 UTC 2002

Bob Edwards may seem dubbed to some of you, but since he is from
exactly the same dialect area as me, I've just always assumed that he
is a speaker of perfectly standard American English, and, of course,
he sounds quite normal to me.


>  Duane Campbell writes:
>.......> What I find interesting about Morning Edition are the many
>>dubbed interviews. It is obvious that some producer has actually done the
>>two-way. Then Edwards is handed a script of the questions, and his
>>questions are dubbed into the interview by very expert digital editors.
>>I dunno, but personally I find this a bit dishonest.
>Well, yes, but what is your evidence for this practice?  I can see that it
>could be done, but it has never occurred to me that that is what is being
>A. Murie

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