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Wed Jul 17 12:59:00 UTC 2002

This has happened to me (the dubbing). At first it was disconcerting
to hear but then it seemed quite funny. Especially after my aunt
asked me what Bob Edwards was really like and I said "A disembodied

And I liked the producer too.

Erin McKean
editor at

>  Duane Campbell writes:
>.......> What I find interesting about Morning Edition are the many
>>dubbed interviews. It is obvious that some producer has actually done the
>>two-way. Then Edwards is handed a script of the questions, and his
>>questions are dubbed into the interview by very expert digital editors.
>>I dunno, but personally I find this a bit dishonest.
>Well, yes, but what is your evidence for this practice?  I can see that it
>could be done, but it has never occurred to me that that is what is being
>A. Murie

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