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Brooke Pierce brookepierce at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Jul 19 15:36:05 UTC 2002

>On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 22:28:13 -0500 Millie Webb ><millie-webb at CHARTER.NET>
>I have known a number of people from Kentucky, and Southern Ohio who call it
all "Coke", by the way.  As in: "what kinda Coke do you want?"

That really surprises me.  I grew up in northern Kentucky and visited
Cincinnati often, and "pop" was always the word of choice.  I do seem to
remember hearing "Coke" occasionally when I'd venture further south in
Kentucky, though.

The first time I heard the use of Coke was before moving to KY, when we lived
in Providence - they used it there all the time.  I recall being very confused
when I went to a restaurant and the waitress asked:  "What kind of Coke would
you like?  Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or Mountain Dew?"

Brooke Pierce

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