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Fri Jul 19 21:53:20 UTC 2002

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> >On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 22:28:13 -0500 Millie Webb ><millie-webb at CHARTER.NET>
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> >I have known a number of people from Kentucky, and Southern Ohio who call it
>all "Coke", by the way.  As in: "what kinda Coke do you want?"
> >
> >
>That really surprises me.  I grew up in northern Kentucky and visited
>Cincinnati often, and "pop" was always the word of choice.  I do seem to
>remember hearing "Coke" occasionally when I'd venture further south in
>Kentucky, though.
>The first time I heard the use of Coke was before moving to KY, when we lived
>in Providence - they used it there all the time.  I recall being very confused
>when I went to a restaurant and the waitress asked:  "What kind of Coke would
>you like?  Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or Mountain Dew?"
>Brooke Pierce

I agree with Brooke on southern (and southeastern) Ohio generally as "pop"
areas; no one in Athens County would say "coke" (note small 'c').  But
perhaps the very lowest part of Ohio, around Portsmouth ("Porchmouth," as
in Virginia) and Ironton ("Arn?on," with glottal stop), uses "coke"; I'll
check with my students from that mid-Kentucky-latitude region.

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