Kregg vs. Craig

Gordon, Matthew J. GordonMJ at MISSOURI.EDU
Sat Jul 20 02:04:44 UTC 2002

Yeah, I think Craig might be lexically exceptional. I'm pretty sure I have a tense vowel in Haig, so it's homophonous with Hague. Still, I rarely put much stock in my linguistic intuitions and probably even less so when dealing with unusual words like these.

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In the context I brought up (the murderee whose name was Craig as in
[krEg]) this may be a factor, as his full name was Gregory Craig.
For me, it would still and evermore be tense in the latter.  Would
you distinguish Haig (as in the General who would be "in charge here"
after Reagan was shot) from the Hague?  I suppose the spelling may be
a factor for me--I'd distinguish an orthographic Pague/Paig as tense
(without ever having heard them pronounced) from the lax Peg.


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