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I seem to remember first hearing it as "catty-corner" but then hearing
"kitty-corner" more often and gradually adjusting my own usage.  This shift
may have coincided with our move from So. California to Oregon when I was
in 5th grade, but I wouldn't swear to it.


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> Donald"
>> Building that are kitty-corner (the form I use) from each other are
>> across the intersection rather than across the street from each other.
>> I've
> heard
>> people use the term to refer to buildings that are across and a little
>> way down a street from each other, so that a jaywalker would have to
>> take a diagonal path to cross from one to the other.
> Re your reply and the other person's inquiry:
> I've never heard anything but "kitty-corner" around here(Seattle and
> presumably the rest of the Pacific NW).  I, too, understand that it was
> originally "cater-corner", but have never heard anyone of my acquaintance
> pronounce it that way.
> Re to point 2:  It's my understanding that  "kitty corner" refers to
> diagonal direction, as "the building you're looking for is kitty corner to
> Starbuck's"  or the like IOW, it's on the opposite side of the street(or
> whatever) to the building or object you are using as a directional
> reference.
> Anne G
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