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Tue Jul 23 23:38:49 UTC 2002


> Building that are kitty-corner (the form I use) from each other are across
> the intersection rather than across the street from each other.  I've
> people use the term to refer to buildings that are across and a little way
> down a street from each other, so that a jaywalker would have to take a
> diagonal path to cross from one to the other.

Re your reply and the other person's inquiry:

I've never heard anything but "kitty-corner" around here(Seattle and
presumably the rest of the Pacific NW).  I, too, understand that it was
originally "cater-corner", but have never heard anyone of my acquaintance
pronounce it that way.

Re to point 2:  It's my understanding that  "kitty corner" refers to
diagonal direction, as "the building you're looking for is kitty corner to
Starbuck's"  or the like IOW, it's on the opposite side of the street(or
whatever) to the building or object you are using as a directional
Anne G

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