"X redux"

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Thu Jul 25 20:42:46 UTC 2002

>Reading Jesse's "'I loves me some X' redux", I've realized I don't know what
>"redux" means. In the Vegetarian Times, "X redux" seems to mean "reduced-fat
>X", in the ADS-L archive it's almost always used in a way that seems to mean
>"a brief comment on X", and a quick google suggests that elsewhere on the
>web it often means something like "summary of X". So it refers to
>"reduction" of all kinds, is that it? Or maybe it's what a person does if
>bullets are still flying after ducking the first time.
>>From Latin:/ reduco, reduxi, reductum/.  To bring back, or lead back.
[Trollope wrote a book titled /Phineas Redux/, to follow up the story of
his   character, Phineas Finn, from the book of the same name.]
A. Murie

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