Stick to Business, Pozhalsta

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Mon Jul 29 18:27:20 UTC 2002

In a message dated 7/29/2002 12:25:55 PM, mam at THEWORLD.COM writes:

<< PUPEK means ... Navel.
-- Mark M. >>

<<And ISTR reading somewhere somebody saying that her Protestant/CofE
family called it the "Pope's nose", and was amused to learn that her
Catholic friend's family called it the "preacher's? vicar's? nose"
(whichever side of the Water it was, I don't recall).>>

I would have sworn that the pupek was (among the second-generation Czech
children in my neighborhood) the lower opening of the alimentary canal, but
that just goes to show you how selective our childhood LINGUISTIC memories
can be. Or maybe this was a further shift from the tail of the chicken that
Larry and others remember. As we all now, Slavic andYiddish share a lot of
comon vocabulary.

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