Scholarly importance of Barry Popik's research

Wed Jul 31 14:13:30 UTC 2002

Gerry and everyone else following this thread:

Many people find some of what Barry is posting as IRRELEVANT.  I for
one would have a much harder time researching "food words" were it not
for his USEFUL RESEARCH.  Thank you very much for the research, Barry,
and as for the other: perhaps the most important addition to the qwerty
keyboard has been the "delete" key.  Thank you to whom ever we are
indebted for it.

I don't follow his personal comments very often.  Barry, you will be
receiving credit for your valuable research in my next book!

Please send flames or embers to my personal e-mail address, not the

David Barnhart
barnhart at

gcohen at UMR.EDU,Net writes:
>    I'll be away from my computer for most of the day. But when I
>return I'd like to clarify the enormous scholarly importance of Barry
>Popik's work. To zero in on his off-topic messages is to miss the
>point of what Barry is all about.
>Those messages are very much a side-show; the real challenge to ads-l
>in regard to Barry is to take the extensive raw material he has been
>presenting to us, select the valuable parts, develop them into
>polished articles, and follow up on all the leads his material
>Gerald Cohen
>University of Missouri-Rolla
>research specialty: etymology

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