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Speaking of real ginger, ginger beer is a spicy gingerale which has
real ginger.

--- Rick Kennerly <rick at MOUSEHERDER.COM> wrote:
> ><))));>Though I have always known gingerale to be the curative.
> If only it had any real ginger in it anymore.  Nowadays,  the
> ginger in
> ginger ale is a mere artificial flavor.  On other e-mail lists I
> belong to
> where we discuss open water sailboat cruising & the liveaboard
> lifestyle,
> as far as the natural preventatives are concerned,  real candied
> ginger is
> the thing, followed by homemade ginger snaps.  Also, available in
> sailing
> shops, is ginger ale made with real ginger.  Of course,
> preventative is the
> operative word here.
> BTW, in an article I read some time back on the making of the movie
> Apollo
> 13, where much of the film was shot inside NASAs zero gravity
> simulator, an
> airplane aptly nicknamed the vomit comet, it was intimated that
> astronauts swear by cherry-flavored Lifesavers as a preventative.
> rhk

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