Kibbutz, Moshav, Shlemazzle (1928)

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   From the B'NAI B'RITH MAGAZINE (NATIONAL JEWISH MONTHLY), February 1928, pg. 130, col. 2:

   "...and look at me, all covered with flour--what don't I look like--I've been such a _shlemazzle_..."

(See "Laverne & Shirley" tv theme song, as sung by Penny Marshall--ed.)


   From the B'NAI B'RITH MAGAZINE, April 1928, pg. 231, col. 2:

   It is a _moshav_, or small holder's settlement, with a population of about a hundred families, each of which occupies a separate plot of ground, and works it under conditions much like those of the settlers in Crimea.


  Ain Harod, the largest _kevutzah_ in Palestine, is a striking manifestation of radical social theory.  Over four hundred persons live here an absolutely communal life, eating together in large community dining halls, sleeping together in common barracks, sharing alike in the good and ill fortunes of the community.  Private property is practically unknown.

(OED has 1931 for "kibbutz" and "moshav"--ed.)

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