Nash, Beigel, and the Goldbergs (1931)

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by Gertrude Berg
New York:  Barse and Company

   "The Goldbergs" went on the air on NBC radio on November 20, 1929.  It was
very popular, and this is the book version.  There is no glossary, but the
words are explained in footnotes.
   I don't know if OED is going to add "nash" or "naschen" or "nosh," but we
gotta help the poor John Marianis of the world avoid a 1956 nosh date.

Pg. 23:  "You're a piano player like I'm a _shammes_."*
*Caretaker in a synagogue.

Pg. 25:  "Vhen de _latkes_* get cold dey ain't got no taste."
*Potato pancakes.

Pg. 42:  They'll be no more of that soup and _gefilte fish_* and _Peseach
 *Stuffed fish.
**Passover matzos.

Pg. 45:  "Jake, Sammy, nu?  I'm giving to de table ulleready!"

Pg. 47:  "_Gedempfte brust_*, dat's your favorite supper!"
*Pot roast.

Pg. 48:  So he hired a _schlemihl_*...
*A dumbbell; a poor fish (slang).

Pg. 50:  "Gee, ma, you make chop suey out of Webster's dictionary!"

Pg. 73:  ...wearing his _yarmulka_*...
*Skull cap.

Pg. 103:  ..._gesund_*...

Pg. 105:  "Blintzes,"* guessed Rosie.
*Filled pancakes.

Pg. 117:  "You'll get maybe two but you shouldn't _nash_* from de bag on de
vay home."
*Nibble; sample.

Pg. 128:  "I got a half chicken and some lovely _strudle_* in de ice box."

Pg. 138:  "Ulleright, Joe, good-bye--'_sei gesund_'."*
*Keep well; take care of yourself.

Pg. 138:  "I'm nothing but a _schmuser_*--a bit mout he said--right in front
of my face."
*Big mouth; flatterer.

Pg. 142:  "Home again!  Vhen you go avay a copple of hours and come back, it
looks _eppes_* so nice in de house."
*Something so nice; a treat.

Pg. 144:  "Oy, oy, oy! mine _kugel_* is burnt," she wailed.

Pg. 153:  "Mr. Tobias, a cup tea maybe, ha?  Some _kuchelach_?"*

Pg. 156:  "Please don't be a shadchente," Mollie!"

Pg. 157:  "I tink vhat maybe vill be a _shiddach_!"*

Pg. 193:  "I'm not hungry, but I could _nash_ someting."
   "Maybe a piece of sveet and sour fish, ha?"

Pg. 195:  "Everyting vould be ulleright if that Mendel vas only a _mensch_,"*
sighed Jake, finishing his fish.

Pg. 203:  ..._shul_*...

Pg. 204:  ..._simcha_*...
*Party; celebration.

Pg. 224:  "Oy, a _beigel_?"* laughed Mollie.
*A roll with a hole in it.

Pg. 243:  "I bet she didn't _fargined_* herself to eat an egg for breakfast
for monts so she could save up to buy Sammy a present.
*Denied; scrimped.

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