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In Ar. USA we have Toad Suck Ferry, that's in addition to "56", Old Joe, and
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> I used to keep a running list of chuckle-inducing UK place names, though
> I've not been able to find it for a while. My favorite is still Nether
> Apropos of rounders: when I was working for Longman in the UK,  we used to
> take the odd afternoon off, go to the Old Harlow pub, then play rounders
> the Harlow town park. It suited me fine, because you get to run whether
> actually hit the ball or not.
> >There's a village near Gatwick named Pease Pottage, and I can't ride by
> >without thinking "Pease Pottage hot, Pease Pottage cold".  Btw, Bill
> >Bryson's _Notes from a Small Island_ has a nice appreciation of weird UK
> >placenames.
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> >Lynne
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