Magen David, Oi Vey (1901)

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by Martha Wolfenstein
Books for Libraries Press, Freeport, NY
1969 reprint

   OED read this book and came away with three citations (shegetz, tsores,
and Yiddishkeit).

Pg. 15: would wonder at the joy with which one feeds for days on a
bit of Talmud wisdom, a "good word" which the rabbi gives forth in his weekly
_Shiur_ (Talmud lecture).

Pg. 21:  "What nonsense, the way she makes herself _meshugge_ (crazy) with
that _Yungel_ (little lad)!"

Pg. 25:  She has, _nebbich_, not much, and must work hard for her little bite
to eat.

Pg. 35:  ..._Backstub_ (bake-room)...

Pg. 36:  Odd times, when betrothals, weddings, and _Bar Mitzvahs_ were not
pressing, she filled in with the baking of small cakes, _Kuchele_, made of
almonds and hard-boiled eggs.

Pg. 48:  "_Mehlsupp' mit Spitzgerl_ (flour soup with mushrooms)," announced
his well-trained nose.

Pg. 52:  ..._Matzos_ (unleavened bread)...

Pg. 53:  ...rise and thus become leaven, in other words, _chometz_, unfit.

Pg. 53:  Each new group has a manner of its own, some running sbout and
shrieking like mad during the process; but good-natured ones let you help,
even to the punching of little (Pg. 54--ed.) holes with a _Radlech_ (little
rolling cog-wheel) into the unbaked cakes.

Pg. 62:  "Don't talk _Shtuss_ (nonsense), child!"

Pg. 65:  That's all very well, but his mother's nice holiday cheese--"_Ai,
wai!!_" and indignation got the upper hand.

Pg. 78:  "I'm struck dumb, O _wai!_" he thought.

Pg. 79:  "Oi!"

Pg. 90:  ,,,"She is a whole _Maggid_ (scholar, preacher)."
(OED has 1892, then 1901 for "Maggid"--ed/)

Pg. 108:  "_Shalet_, eggs, and +Kugel_!  Is that all?  Hm!  Reb Noach is also
one of those who lives only to eat!"

Pg. 111:  "Thou canst also sniff a little whether they have baked their
_Barches_ (Sabbath bread)."

Pg. 140:  "Now let her come and bake _Taschkerln_with this stuff!"

Pg. 170:  ..'Yes, 'tis the same one, of velvet, with the _Mogen Dovid_
(SHheld of David_worked in it...
 (The revised OED has 1904 for "Magen David"----ed.)

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