Rudolph C Troike rtroike at U.ARIZONA.EDU
Thu Jun 27 04:23:22 UTC 2002

        I think the alternating stress rule is responsible for the
tertiary stress on Amazon, etc., which requires an /a/, as /@/ is likely
to occur only under weak stress. <halcyon> is the only one of those you
cite which is an adjective rather than a noun, so it would not surprise me
that the stress pattern might be different (cf. verbs vs adjectives ending
in -ate), as it is for me, since I have weakly-stressed /@n/ in the last
syllable. However, cross-class "infection" does occur, which is evidently
what you are attesting to.


Hoping to see Jesse in Newsweek. (Incidentally, what's FreeSBD?)

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