Seeking two words

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Thu Jun 27 05:49:45 UTC 2002

>First, Most cultures have some kind of celebration of the solstice and the
>equinox. They are well known. But most cultures also have somewhat less
>important holidays at the mid-point between each ... What are these called?

Sometimes these are called cross-quarter days.

>Second, ... there is a technical term for knuckle walking, as apes do.

Plantigrade/palmigrade = walking on the sole/palm, digitigrade = walking on
the finger(s), unguligrade = walking on the fingernail(s) [e.g., hooves],
taligrade = walking on the side of the foot, dorsigrade = walking on the
back (dorsum) of the foot/toes. These are all adjectives. I suppose a
gorilla's knuckle-walking is a partly dorsigrade gait (I think with the
forelimbs dorsigrade and the hindlimbs plantigrade?). I can't find anything
else right away.

-- Doug Wilson

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