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In the Christian calendar, November 1 is All Saints Day (All Hallows Day)
and is historically the origin of Halloween (All Hallows Eve).  The church
fathers probably chose it because it was the time of a pagan celebration,
as they did the date of Christmas.  (I am not saying it was a bad thing to
do that.)  All Saints Day is a day of obligation for Catholics.

--Charles Wells

>First, Most cultures have some kind of celebration of the solstice and
>the equinox. They are well known. But most cultures also have somewhat
>less important holidays at the mid-point between each -- Feb 1st or 2nd,
>May 1st, August 1st (Lughnasa or Lammas, first fruits, for those of you
>who don't celebrate that a whole lot) and Nov 1st. What are these called?
>Cross-calender holidays comes to mind, but I don't think that is right.
>Second, (and I may have asked this before, but got no replies) there is a
>technical term for knuckle walking, as apes do. Anyone know what it is. I
>have looked under all the appropriate and accessible Latin and Greek

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