Pancake Rocks & Stylobedding

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The more common term, at least in the States, is
stylolite; from Greek stylos - column.  A form of
bedding or stratification where there is irregular or
penetrating contact between beds, as opposed to the
more typical uniform, often near-planar contact.  One
type of stylolite is caused by selective dissolution
in limestone under pressure, which leaves behind thin,
irregular, wavy layers of less soluble material, often
having a distinct color - these thin layers are
themselves referred to as stylolites.  On many
polished limestone slabs, such as on floors or walls,
these stylolites are often what gives the rock its
character - look for thin, dark, convoluted lines.

Disturbance of layered sediment before it has
consolidated can cause slumps, bulges, flows,
injections, and other irregular features that are
preserved as the material lithifies.

--- Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU> wrote:
> At 6:03 AM +0000 2/28/02, Barry Popik wrote:
> >    Greetings from Greymouth, New Zealand.  ...
> >
> >STYLOBEDDING--This was used on a geological sign at
> the pancake
> >rocks, but curiously resulted in zero Google hits.
> What's wrong?
> I'm not sure.  I get 14 google hits on it, all with
> the relevant use.
> >
> >POSSYWOOL--From a local publication: "Our homegrown
> wool's never
> >been cosier since someone started spinning plucked
> possum fur in
> >with it. ... Nolly Martini at The Willows craft
> shop in Harihari is
> >an enthusiast for the fur/wool combo and has stocks
> from socks to
> >jackets that rival bigger centres at prices that
> beat them flat.
> >Part of the reason why Coasters are so keen on
> using possum fur
> >could be that these Aussie imports munch so much of
> our native
> >forest.  As they easily outnumber sheep in New
> Zealand there's no
> >prospect of the supply running out."
> >    Zero Google hits?  What about Nexis?  NZ
> Dictionary?
> Well, there are two, or really one (since they're
> linked).
>   and yes, it's a blend of merino wool and possum
> fur.  Sounds cozy,
> unless you're the sheep or possum that produced it.

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