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   About 20,000 people are expected at the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival this weekend--five times the population of the town.  According to an article in THE PRESS (Christchurch), 2 March 2002, pg. 12, some foods may include:

..crunchy grasshoppers, sliding slugs, Westcargots, and moutain oysters...booboos (sea snails), slow horse...wild mountain moonshine, billy tea, wild passion berry schnapps, kowlua and milk, traditional Fijian kava, and rhubarb bubbly.


   More for the ANS.
   In the same newspaper, pg. 17, is "Place names revisited: A New Zealand classic is revived."  A. W. Reed's PLACE NAMES OF NEW ZEALAND was first published in 1975.  In 1979, the SUPPLEMENT TO PLACE NAMES OF NEW ZEALAND was published.  Now, Peter Dowling has edited THE REED DICTIONARY OF NEW ZEALAND PLACE NAMES, 2002 edition.
   A photo has this caption:

New Zealand's latest addition to the map, Middle Earth: maybe for the next addition?


  On Page 18 of the same newspaper is a column called "Words Worth" by Frank Haden.  His e-mail is wordsonline at frankhaden.com.  It's a William Safire-like column, but that would give even William Safire a bad name.
   Haden ends the column with a suggestion to add "ovenable" to the dictionary:

   Okay, so we don't yet have a verb "to oven," meaning to cook in an oven, but give it time.

(OED has "oven" as a verb, from the 1600s!--ed.)

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