strip "pididdle," anyone?

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Wed Mar 6 15:34:02 UTC 2002

> The other game we played in the car is 'zit'.  You call out 'zit' when you
see a horse, donkey, or mule.  If you're the first one to call out 'zit',
you get the points for it:  1 point for a 'normal' horse, 3 points for a
white horse, 7 for a mule/donkey.  If you mistakenly call out 'zit' for
something that's not a horse, you lose 2 points.  If you drive by a
cemetary, then the person on the side of the car opposite the cemetary may
say 'bury your zits' in which case the person (or people) on the cemetary
side of the car lose all their points.  11 points wins the game.  My father,
a funeral director, and always the driver >in our car, would cheat and drive
around blocks so that >the cemetaries were >never on his side of  the car.
I've only met one person outside my family who's played this game.
> Lynne
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In the 1940s my family played a variation of this game called "car poker."
Points were awarded for all four-legged animals on your side of the road.
Points were doubled if you passed a school, and tripled if you passed a
church. Cemeteries erased all your points.

Clark Whelton

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