strip "pididdle," anyone?

Wed Mar 6 15:40:32 UTC 2002

My wife, a native Oregonian, uses this term and plays the game .  As far as I know, her family has no connection to OZ (or Maine).
Fritz Juengling

>>> Richard Gage <rgage at INTRAH.ORG> 03/05/02 06:39PM >>>
PIDIDDLE: a car with one functioning headlight.  Also, a roadtrip game
rewards the player who spots the pididdle first.  In my father's day,
the winner
got a kiss.  But these days, there's a variant called "strip pididdle."
"pididdle" be in the OED?

pididdle n. (Maine) Car with one functioning headlight.
Definition found in Robert P. O'Shea's "American-Australian Slang
< >

A vehicle driving with one headlight burnt out. It is said if you say
out loud when seeing said vehicle, it shall bring you good luck.
< >

"That thing about seeing a car with one head light out and whoever
said "PIDIDDLE" first getting to kiss whoever they were with seems to
be something that was said everywhere.   I've always wondered where
it came from or started. Probably a DJ.  Does anyone know?"
"More memories from my friends" webpage:
< >

"Leave town and become a pididdle that rages up and down the street."
"Window Mouth," by Bryson Newhart < >

Piddidle Rules < >

"so we left and went cruising-- playing pididdle.  i lost horribly and i

was the only one naked.  and i was just sitting there in the car,
chillin naked."
< >

"LOL. I think Rory's in the middle of taking his shirt off, cuz
we're playing pididdle!! Ah!"
< >

"Today Jenna walked into study hall bearing one erect nipple. Yes, only
one. I couldn't help it and I blurted out, "One headlight!" As in the
song. Then
once my and Sherrie's laughter subsided, I then blurted out, "Pididdle!"
as I
smacked the wall. It was pretty damn funny. Today was my funny day."
< >

"Findlay is also overrun with cars that have one functional headlight.
any given delivery night, I can count at least three cars with one
headlight. A
good place to go for a hearty game of 'pididdle'!"
"Delivering the Perfect Pizza" < >

We played pididdle on the way down [to Boston]. Not strip pididdle, but
call pididle.
< >

"Everything was dandy, headed back to school about 7. Rather fun trip
which saw me once again dominate the game of Pididdle."
< >

"Hang Out Wit My Friends...Get Hyper...Shop a Lot!!... **Play STRIP
< >

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