"Over my dead body" in W. Scott, S. T. Coleridge

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Sun May 5 01:48:14 UTC 2002

"OVER MY DEAD BODY" (continued)

   Two early "over my dead body" hits show up in Literature Online that beat OED's 1833.  Again, I have yet to see Ricky Jay's new show and hear what he actually says about this expression.

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), THE BLACK DWARF (1816), Chapter XIII:
   ...it shall be by passing over my dead body."  "For shame!...

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), THE DEATH OF WALLENSTEIN, A TRAGEDY IN FIVE ACTS (from THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS (1912)), Act V, Scene V:
   ...and them).  No monster!  First over my dead body thou shalt...

RICKY JAY MISC.:   Ricky Jay's new show is sold out until June.  Tickets aren't cheap, either--$66 a seat!...David Shulman took me away from my work, we went across town, left a message at the theater, went back to the library, then returned to the theater at 6:30 p.m.  Great--take me away from my work so I can stalk a celebrity with a 90-year-old-man. As luck would have it, we did see Ricky Jay as he entered the theater.  "David!" said Jay.  His assistant was there, and we'll find out about tickets soon...Shulman knew Jay's father, who was a magician/certified public accountant.

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