SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Increasingly Significant Issue

Rick Kennerly rick at MOUSEHERDER.COM
Mon May 6 09:45:27 UTC 2002

:Unfortunately, this entire thing annoyed me and seemed like a setup.
:Afterall, here was a man, married to a woman name Christine, and
:he mentioned
:her as "his partner Chris".  It seemed intentionally misleading.

Which is why I'm still leaning toward SO. although in this case the real red
herring is the androgynous Chris and even SO wouldn't have cleared up the

Similar problem in our family, BTW.  My wife was born with the name Gay.
But nowadays it is awkward to go bounding up to people at meetings saying,
"Hi, I'm Gay," without enduring a lot of smirks and snickers.  So she had it
changed to Gayle a few decades ago.

I've always had a passing fascination with androgynous names and the people
who choose to use them and how and when they use them, however.  I work with
both a female Sam and a female Shane.  Sam switches between Samantha and Sam
as a carefully applied social or business tactic.  Shane's always hardedged.


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