Palatschinken, Haluska, Frankfurter (Baedeker, 1911)

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Tue May 7 12:01:10 UTC 2002

>#..._Ciorba_, a kind of sour soup, made with lamb or chicken
>#Probably the Rumanian spelling for the Turkish "chorba" = "soup" in
>#general. Redhouse dictionary lists the origin as Persian, "shurba" =
>#"broth, soup, gruel" (Steingass)
>Looks more Italian to me. Wouldn't Rum. spelling use c-cedilla?

Romanian resembles Italian! Well, sort of .... It has s-cedilla and
t-cedilla (to take some liberties with the nomenclature perhaps) but no
c-cedilla. Romanian "c" is like Italian "c". The modern Romanian spelling
apparently is "ciorba" (with breve on the "a"). And this word is
conventional Romanian, although originally from Turkish. There is also
"supa" (with breve "a"). Serbo-Croatian also has both, I guess: Croatian
"supa", "corba" (with hacek on the "c").

-- Doug Wilson

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