Tsuica (1912); Hoose Gow/Juzgado (1920)

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Fri May 10 02:53:56 UTC 2002


   OED has 1927 for "tsuica."
   From NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, December 1912, pg. 1223, col. 1:

   Here, too, grow valuable crops of tobacco, beans, and potatoes, while pleasant orchards of plum, damson, and apricot trees are found on every hand, the produce of which is distilled into a mild spirit known as _tsuica_, highly esteemed throughout the kingdom.


   OED has 1911 and then December 1920 for "hoose gow."  This has a place and an etymology, from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, July 1920, pg. 63, col. 2:

   It was absolutely "bone dry" long before July 1, 1919; today only the police can "tote" guns; poker is taboo, and even bridge for a cent a point may land you in the "hoose gow"--Texas for _juzgado_ (jail).

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