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Fri May 10 12:24:34 UTC 2002

Donald M. Lance wrote
>The quantity and the taste of the milk change as the birthing date approaches.  There's an optimal time to let the cow go >dry (simply by not milking her) so that her system makes its necessary adjustments to feed the newborn calf with
>wholesome new milk.  For a couple of weeks after the calf is born, the cow's milk isn't good for human consumption (taste, >texture).  Then the milk gradually becomes good for people as well as calves.

Well, it seems that you never had the privilege of tasting "beestings pudding", one of the most delicious milk courses existing.

It is made from beestings with sugar, cardamoun and cinnamon, cooked in a baking-tin placed in a water-bath. The consistence is slightly jellyish. It is served as a dessert with jam or fruit-syrup sauce and whipped cream.

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