What's in your silo

Mark A Mandel mam at THEWORLD.COM
Fri May 10 14:54:12 UTC 2002

#>The quantity and the taste of the milk change as the birthing date
#approaches.  There's an optimal time to let the cow go >dry (simply by
#not milking her) so that her system makes its necessary adjustments to
#feed the newborn calf with >wholesome new milk.  For a couple of weeks
#after the calf is born, the cow's milk isn't good for human
#consumption (taste, >texture).  Then the milk gradually becomes good
#for people as well as calves.

#       [...] "beestings pudding" [...]
#It is made from beestings with sugar, cardamoun and cinnamon, cooked

I may have missed part of this thread. Is "beestings" the milk the cow
gives during this transitional period?

-- Mark A. Mandel

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