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Sounds like flan!

At 01:13 AM 5/12/02 -0500, you wrote:
>on 5/10/02 7:24 AM, Jan Ivarsson TransEdit at jan.ivarsson at TRANSEDIT.ST
> > Donald M. Lance wrote
> >> The quantity and the taste of the milk change as the birthing date
> >> approaches.  There's an optimal time to let the cow go >dry (simply by not
> >> milking her) so that her system makes its necessary adjustments to
> feed the
> >> newborn calf with
> >> wholesome new milk.  For a couple of weeks after the calf is born, the
> cow's
> >> milk isn't good for human consumption (taste, >texture).  Then the milk
> >> gradually becomes good for people as well as calves.
> >
> > Well, it seems that you never had the privilege of tasting "beestings
> > pudding", one of the most delicious milk courses existing.
> >
> > It is made from beestings with sugar, cardamoun and cinnamon, cooked in a
> > baking-tin placed in a water-bath. The consistence is slightly
> jellyish. It is
> > served as a dessert with jam or fruit-syrup sauce and whipped cream.
> >
> > Jan Ivarsson,
> > jan.ivarsson at transedit.st
> >
>Now that you mention it, I've heard of beestings pudding but did not know
>particulars other than that it is made from new milk.  I never knew of
>anyone who made it.

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