What's in your silo - beestings

Jan Ivarsson TransEdit jan.ivarsson at TRANSEDIT.ST
Mon May 13 09:49:16 UTC 2002

Beverley Flanigan wrote

>Sounds like flan!

>>Jan Ivarsson wrote:
> >
> > Well, it seems that you never had the privilege of tasting "beestings
> > pudding", one of the most delicious milk courses existing.
> >
> > It is made from beestings with sugar, cardamoun and cinnamon, cooked in a
> > baking-tin placed in a water-bath. The consistence is slightly jellyish. It is
> > served as a dessert with jam or fruit-syrup sauce and whipped cream.
> >
No, it is not like flan at all, even if it looks very much the same. Flan is made in the oven (without water-bath) from ordinary milk, eggs and flour. But admittedly, flan isn't bad either.

Jan Ivarsson
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