Georgian slang

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Wed May 22 14:13:52 UTC 2002

   Greetings from Tbilisi, Georgia.  I leave for Armenia tomorrow.
   The pope is now in Baku, Azerbaijan.  I had scouted the town to give him a few pointers on where to get the best halva...The electricity went out briefly just this hour.

GEORGIAN PEACH--vodka, peach brandy, peach juice
TBILISI BLOSSOM--whiskey, cointreau, orange juice
(All found at the Sheraton in Tbilisi--ed.)

   My tour guide gave me these:

vobla sushonaya (tr. smoked fish)--an emotionally unresponsive person.

kudiani (tr. has a tail)--who can forecast events; who has a strong sense of intuition.

viri (tr. a donkey)--a person who doesn't have manners

tanki (tr. a tank)--lacks communicative skills, pushes people to decision.
   --a person from province who has come to the city and does everything (in a negative sense to achieve a social position or success).

kvelus udzureban--a very rude expression, like "kisses every ass" to achieve success.

katami (tr. a hen)--a fool; men usually use this word to describe a woman.

traki (tr. ass)--a mean, unreliable person.

parshevanghi (tr. a peacock)--who is physically attractive but doesn't have brains.

trakshi pere akus garchobili (tr. has feathers in the ass)--a very rude expression to describe a female who thinks herself high class and doesn't condescend to treat other people equally.

tagvi (tr. a mouse)--a coward (male); can get easily scared (female).

khistaviani (tr. has a wooden head)--blockheaded.

tavsapartsakrali (tr. has a head covered)--a female who's extremely religious, block-headed, fanatical.

zhestoki kaishvili (tr. very much virgin)--a young girl who doesn't want to say goodbye to virginity.

chatlakhi tvini akus murtali (tr. has much brains)--rude expression, very shrude.

(That's all she wrote--ed.)

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