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Wed May 22 02:40:04 UTC 2002

The inquirer sends her thanks, via the list where she posted the

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[K] said [on the original list]:

> It is still a known thing in Germany, at least also *my* mother
> mentions it  every year ;-)

Nice to know some things are universal. :)

Danke schoen, everybody, for all the help. (And Mark, please pass that
along to your other list, if you would.) I never would have guessed
about the saints/feast days thing, but it's logical enough.

I called my mother and told her what you folks said, and she was very
pleased to know more about this (than just her grandmother [...]
threatening dire results if she ever planted anything before then, that
is). I was informed that I was to print out your letters for Mom to keep
in the family stuff, in fact, so that she could prove to people that she
wasn't just making this stuff up!


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   Linguist at Large

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