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   Greetings from Istanbul...No one remembers my 1960s KISS in the ADS-L archives?...My 11=hour flight home starts tomorrow.
   You can't get Armenian Coffee or Armenian Pizza anywhere here...My flight from Armenia to Turkey was not officially listed on the Turkish flight board.  It was on an old Soviet plane that was rather frightening.  The beefy male passengers got up and talked in the aisles, with some of them smoking.  The overhead was stuffed with everything under the sun, and, like a Greyhound bus, was not enclosed, threatening aisle seated passengers with a knock on the head.
   I went to the Kultur Bakanligi, Beyazit Devlet Kutuphanesi, Kitap Isteme Fisi (near the Grand Bazaar), but was told I needed a letter from the US ministry of culture, whatever that is, to enter.  I asked about the Turkish cookery books that it has, and found only a few:

   THE FAMOUS TURKISH COOKERY (two editions, 1982 and 1985).
   Birant, Gulumser, TURKISH COOKERY, Istanbul, 1984.
   Cookbook Committee, American Women's Club of Istanbul, TURKISH-AMERICAN RECIPES, 1961.
   Hadiye Fakriye, YENI EV KADININ YEMEK KITABI 1340-1924 (1925?}.

NEW RUSSIAN--a newly rich person in Armenia, also New Armenian.  The cocktail, as served outside the opera house, is grenadine, vodka, blue curacao.
   BELLAGIO--beef fillet, cheese Gouda, onion, greens
   ARMENIA--basturma, sudjukh, eggs, greens

   From the Moscow Restaurant in Yerevan, Armenia:

MOSCOW SALAD--veal, nuts, prune
SALAD OLD MOSCOW STYLE--veal, ham, pistachios, mayonnaise
GEORGIAN SALAD--bean, nuts
SATSIRY--chicken, nuts, spice
PKHALY--spinach, nuts, garlic, spices
SOLYANKA--meat assortment
MEAT KUPETS (RUSSIAN MERCHANT) STYLE--pork, Holland cheese, greens, fried vegetables

I haven't yet checked the OED for these two M-words:

by Tugrul Savkay
Revak, Istanbul

Pg. 11:  If men preferred to drink with friends, they went to meyhanes, restaurants serving only raki, meze and salad, sitting on short stalls around a short table chatting and improving their friendship, while tasting numerous and mouth-watering mezes. ... Nowadays, meyhanes are also frequented by women and the tradition of serving numerous varieties of mezes and salads in small cups, presented on a large tray still continues.

by Inci Kut
Net, Istnabul

Pg. 15:  MENEMEN  Scrambled eggs with vegetables

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