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Donald M Lance lancedm at MISSOURI.EDU
Wed May 29 18:37:24 UTC 2002

I'm responding with a new Subject line primarily to get this item more
findable in searches for 'y'all' -- may be unnecessary, but I'm doing it

I've been trying to figure out whether I c'd say "y'all xys'z" but am not
sure.  It almost seems Oll Korrekt, but I suspect it would depend on the
pragmatics of the psycho-social interchange at the moment of the generation
of the sentence -- e.g., for the kind of emphasis dinnis wanted
(hyper-Southern tauto-apposition?).


on 5/29/02 12:00 PM, sagehen at sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM wrote:

> James A. Landau writes:
> (>Now for a serious question: is it just me, or do others on this list find
> it jarring to >hear "y'all" followed by an appositive, i.e. "y'all Kentucky
> corn-crackers kin"?)
>> P.S.  Yes, I am resolving the grammatical ambiguity in the message by
>>> construing "kin" as "relatives of the corn-crackers" rather than as a
>> misspelling >of the auxiliary verb "can".
> ~~~~~~~~
> Why?  It strikes me as a bit of a stretch -- having to assume that dInIs is
> addressing his own kin -- when it isn't really necessary to your point,
> anyway.
> "Kentucky corn-crackers" can still stand in apposition by itself.
> A.Murie

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